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Sarah R

“I have always found the staff at dr LASER to be knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. The services they provide are top notch. I have regular facials at dr LASER and they have done wonders for my skin.
I would highly recommend dr LASER to my friends.”


Pat O

“I  just went in for their grand opening specials after a friend told me about her hair removal at their Manhattan Beach Location and how she was so excited they were getting a location closer to her. I do Mixed Martial Arts several times a week at my gym and have been shaving my chest (so my opponent can’t get a grip on me), but I’m Irish and have sensitive skin. Ingrown hairs have always been a problem for me, so when a friend suggested laser hair removal as a solution, I started doing my research.

Turns out a lot of people I know have had it done and after asking different people about their experiences and how much they paid, I decided to try dresser’s new location in Beverly Hills since it’s closer than driving to Manhattan Beach for my treatments!

The staff was really helpful at my consultation and suggested a specific laser for my particular hair/skin type. While I was skeptical at first, I’m now confident I made the right choice and am actually looking forward to my first treatment appointment next week! I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!”


Sharr K.
★ 1/2

“First time here. Had a signature facial with Shelly. She was nice as well as the front desk girl (I forget her name). Oh and they didn’t force me to buy anything there.
Overall a good experience.”



“A friend of mine suggested dr LASER to me to see if they would have the specific laser I needed for hair removal. I went here for laser hair removal after several other places couldn’t guarantee the results because I am light blond with very fine hair. After just 3 treatments, I love my legs! I no longer have to shave, buy razors, or deal with missed patches or cuts. The staff is friendly and helpful and the results are FAR better than I expected.”

~Cynthia B.~ Beverly Hills, CA


“I have wanted to get my tattoo removed for a long time and decided that it was finally time to do it. Just had my first of several treatments and it went really well. The staff was really helpful in relieving my nerves. I had heard it was a painful and expensive procedure but it was not as pricey as other places and  the staff made sure to make it as painless as possible by ensuring the area was iced and numbed.

I also appreciated that they were honest with me about how many treatments it would actually take to remove the tattoo completely and without scarring. Some places try to get you in by saying you only need one or two treatments and then you end up needing a lot more and its not really cool.”

~Victoria S.~ Santa Monica, CA


“I have now gone for two treatments at the Artesia location (they will be opening the Beverly Hills location any day now) and only have positive things to say.  I am receiving two types of treatments: laser hair removal and scar removal.  I had laser hair removal years ago at a clinic back home in Canada and ended up with burns all up and down my legs so I was a little nervous about going getting it done again. The treatment itself was very quick, painless and I can see results even after one session!!! (best part…NO BURNS)  I went in today for my scar removal on my legs,  it took maybe 5 minutes…my legs tingled a bit after but I was instructed on what to do and am looking forward to finally wearing a skirt this summer without worrying about what others may think. The staff is great, the place is easy to find and the best part is that this place has restored my faith with laser hair removal. Thank you!!!”

~Megan W.~ Beverly Hills, CA


“I have been going to dr LASER  for 7 months for tattoo removal. After 8 treatments the colorful mistake that covered my arm and shoulder is completely gone. I thought I had to live with this mistake for life. The staff was knowledgeable and professional and made me feel comfortable. I highly recommend dr LASER.”

~ Josh S. ~ from Los Angeles, CA


“I came into dr LASER after having 16 treatments at another laser place that used a IPL machine.  After only 3 treatments at dr LASER my hair is completely gone.  The more friends I bring in the more discounts they gave me.  Thank you dr LASER!”

~Andrea D. ~ from Sherman Oaks, CA


“What a great place! I’ve been going there for hair removal, after 3 treatments about 80% of my unwanted hair is not growing back, I’m so happy I don’t have to wax anymore. Then I saw a special on Dr. Oz about Botox and Juvederm to get rid of some of my wrinkles. I was so nervous but… they gave me a consultation, and I decided to do it. I couldn’t be any happier with the results.

~Natalie M.~ from Manhattan Beach, CA