Facials were made for your SKIN!

Admit it- you have wondered, “do you really need a facial?”. It’s a definite YES! Facials are skin savior! Keep reading to see why facials are a skin need.

  1. Aging Prevention! You’re getting older, that’s true but why does it have to show? You only get one face, you should take care of it properly. Regular facials is a must-do! You want to make sure you are promoting blood circulation to boost cell regeneration and collagen development. During a facial, they massage your face improving the blood circulation translating to healthier and efficient cells revealing a youthful glowing skin. Anti-aging is one main reason why you should get a facial.

2. Deep Clean & Hydration. Acne and dry skin isn’t anybody’s favorite words when it comes to talking about their skin. We recommend regular facials because it improves existing breakouts, diminishes blemishes, helps improve skin and prevent any other breakouts. Facials are well known to cleanse your skin from clogged pores, dirt, and sebum without causing damaged or irritation in the skin. Also, you can visibly see the glow within minutes after getting a facial. These treatments leave the skin fresh, smooth, and hydrated. Especially in the cold seasons, your skin can get flaky, rough, and dry. Why not prevent it?

3. Relieve Stress, Just Relax! Expert say, self-care is a must-do! With the stress at work and home, a good thing to consider doing is getting a facial.. Wouldn’t you love to relieve some stress while improving your skin?

Want to learn what facials we offer?

Check out our Facial treatments to see which one you should get, you can also contact us for more information on which facial you should get for your skin. You can also slide into our DMs on Instagram, @drlaserla

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