Is Your Skin zoom ready?

Ask Yourself These Few Questions: 

Does your skin look dull & dry through the web cam?

Are you noticing those fine lines?

Are you not happy or focusing more on how your skin looks then the actual conversations?

If you realize these are the questions you been asking yourself, then keep reading to let us give you the best tips on how you can keep your skin glowing, tighter & youthful during the pandemic. 

Let us guide your skin to perfection.. 

It’s been a really tough year from LA’s legendary basketball player death and black lives matter protest to the stay at home order from covid-19 and the devastating fires during the summer. We had a lot of things to think about and to focus on. But have you thought about how stress affects your skin? We understand that most of us are working from home and most of us haven’t even gone outside. Yes, times are different but taking care of your skin, shouldn’t be.. 

“Zoom” Skin Upgrade, Please? 

Keeping up with your skin throughout this pandemic can be hard because majority of facials are not allowed in some states. Yes, we missed doing facials in CALI too! We our honor that we can stay open through these tough months. Plus, we still get to do micro-needling, skin rejuvenation, laser hair and tattoo removal and more. We worked hard to stay ahead of the game to make sure we can offer our clients the best skin treatment so even though you are staying home, you can still have beautiful youthful skin. This is why, we have a new changer called, Microinfusion. 

The Treatment.. 

Microinfusion is one of our new micro needling treatment. It’s specially designed to diminish fine lines, fade dark circles, acne scars, tighten your skin and finally, to reveal a youthful glow. This treatment has everything your skin needs! Botox, platelet rich plasma, 24 karat gold micro needles 

Keep Glowing..

Getting ready for your online meetings, interviews or group sessions can feel weird but taking care of how your skin looks can make you look forward to these zoom calls. Everyone wants to feel flawless whether at home or not, it starts with your skin. 

Give your skin the attention it deserves.. 

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