Say Hello To Our New Treatment! 

Over the years, we offer the best kind of treatments for our clients. We don’t give in to any random procedures, its the best or we aren’t interested! Well we finally found another treatment worth giving! The micro fusion gold treatment gives our clients the overall perfection they need! It’s a nonsurgical procedure that boost collagen, elasticity while diminish fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and revealing a youthful radiant complexion. 

What’s the benefits? Why you should get it? 

⁠There are many powerful benefits you’ll get when trying out this new treatment. Our favorite is increasing collagen and elasticity. It’s important to consistently focus on these two the older you get. As most of us know collagen and elasticity slow down throughout the years. Yes, there so much vitamins, gels, serums and drinks to boost your collagen but with this skincare treatment its an automatic BOOST! It’s no secret this treatment will diminish signs of aging within weeks after your first treatment. Another benefit would be it shrinks your pores⁠! Meaning = clearer, unclogged pores!  It’s the perfect way to hydrate & reveals a youthful complexion. 

How many do I need? Is it worth it? 

Depending on your skin, you might need more than three a year. It’s important to keep up to date with your skin, not only the Kardashians! The way to perfect skin is to make sure you are protecting, hydrating and restoring your skin cells. We recommend giving this treatment a shot! 

Be Skin Ready.. 

We consistently search for new ways to rejuvenate and restore our skin, why not try this? It’s a new treatment in our office but its a secret skincare routine many celebrities love to do! It’s now available with us – give us a call to book your appointment today! 

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