Reduces the signs of aging skin, diminish acne scars, increase skin elasticity and improve overall skin tone and texture. It’s the perfect antioxidant and hydration properties your skin needs. The micro needles will stimulate new cell regrowth in the skin and the results are amazing. Truly the best new treatment for your skin.


This treatment uses tiny 24 karat gold needles to apply hyaluronic acid, fillers like botox and consist of drawing the patient’s blood and deriving concentrated platelet rich plasma. It’s micro-fusion gold places the PRP into the dermis of the skin, hitting the deepest layer to hydrate and restore the skin.


  • 30 Minutes Treatment
  • Depth 0.6mm
  • Micro-channel in each needle
  • Botox, Vitamins, Hyaluronic Acid & Platelet Rich Plasma Included
  • Downtime: None 


There is no downtime but there may be signs of little redness for about 1 to 2 days. Each treatment are recommended between 4 to 6 week apart. This procedure is painless and the device is consist of 20 tiny spaced needles delivering the best ingredients into the skin.

What areas can be treated with Microinfusion?

Micro-fusion gold treatment is a FDA approved skincare treatment for the face. It smooths skin texture, reduces pore size, plumps the skin and results in youthful radiant appearance. The kind of treatment everyone needs in their life. 

How long do treatments take?

Depending on the area being treated usually will take about 1HR to 1HR and 30 minutes.

Will I need more than one treatment?

Most patients only need 1 treatment that can last up to 6 months but patients with extreme dry or wrinkle skin, we recommended doing 2 treatments. 

*results may vary

Are there any after- care instructions?

After your treatment we recommend not washing your face within the first four to five hour after the procedure and coming back for second around after 4 to 6 weeks.